Hammurabi was the ruler of ancient Babylon (795 to 750 BC). One of his most significant accomplishments was to have the oral laws and traditions written down and put on public display.

All written laws and professional codes trace their roots back to Hammurabi's Code.

Why Hammurabi?

Hammurabi's Code was the first instance of written standards. Every operation must be guided by policy, standards and operating practices.

Well documented standards and regular audits ensure the safety of those in the system and allow the most efficient use of resources.

Fewer accidents and efficient operations are achieved by design.

IMO Audit Scheme

Hammurabi has delivered workshops and assisted Administrations understand the requirements of the IMO Member State Audit Scheme and the Implementation of IMO Instruments Code (III Code). Hammurabi can deliver

  • One-day workshop for senior executives on the Audit Process and requirements.
  • Five-day workshop for Administration personnel tasked with completing the pre-audit questionaire or other audit preparation tasks.
  • Assistance in developing national policies and strategies.
  • Assistance in assesing processes and methodologies used against IMO guidance.
  • Assistance in reviewing obligations as coastal, flag or port state.