Hammurabi was the ruler of ancient Babylon (795 to 750 BC). One of his most significant accomplishments was to have the oral laws and traditions written down and put on public display.

All written laws and professional codes trace their roots back to Hammurabi's Code.

Why Hammurabi?

Hammurabi's Code was the first instance of written standards. Every operation must be guided by policy, standards and operating practices.

Well documented standards and regular audits ensure the safety of those in the system and allow the most efficient use of resources.

Fewer accidents and efficient operations are achieved by design.


Marine Training Graduating Class

Hammurabi develops and delivers customized training to suit client needs. Global training delivery ranges from IMO model courses in institutional settings to front-line ship security training on board vessels.

Some of the courses developed and delivered to date:

Graduated Port Operator awaiting instructions
  • Ship Security Awareness
  • Search and Rescue in the Oil Field
  • Complex offshore emergencies (Search and Rescue, Salvage and Oil Spill Response)
  • Search and Rescue On Scene Co-ordination
  • Search and Rescue Mission Planning
  • Search and Rescue Mission Co-ordination
  • Search and Rescue Administration
  • Port Facility Security Officer
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Marine Policy Workshops
  • Preparation for IMO Voluntary Audit
  • Marine Casualty Investigation
  • Major Maritime Incident Response
  • Case study in operational decsionmaking
  • Design and running simulation to meet the requirements of the STCW

Support to Distance Learning:

Many companies are investing in e-learning courses as an economical alternative to classroom sessions. At Hammurabi we feel that there is great value in face-to-face learning with knowledgeable instructors.

Services available:

  • Custom course development and delivery
  • Guidance for students who need assistance with an e-learning modules
  • Delivery at a location and time to suit your purposes: corporate office, training institute, on board ship, rig or platform