Hammurabi was the ruler of ancient Babylon (795 to 750 BC). One of his most significant accomplishments was to have the oral laws and traditions written down and put on public display.

All written laws and professional codes trace their roots back to Hammurabi's Code.

Why Hammurabi?

Hammurabi's Code was the first instance of written standards. Every operation must be guided by policy, standards and operating practices.

Well documented standards and regular audits ensure the safety of those in the system and allow the most efficient use of resources.

Fewer accidents and efficient operations are achieved by design.

Risk Assessment

Large Hyundai container ship leaving port

Hammurabi conducts risk assessments for a wide range of maritime activities. Risk assessment is a vital component of modern management. Dispassionate professional review of an operation or system can provide useful information on the risk profile and appropriate mitigation measures.

Small commercial vessel on the open water

Risk Assessments may include:

  • Port Security including adjacent free zones, shipyards, drydocks and terminals
  • Port Navigation
  • Class of vessels (small commercial vessels, tourism vessels, recreational craft, tugs, etc.)
  • Safety of operations
  • Security of supply chain
  • Areas of operations
  • Class of operations
  • Unique operations

Hammurabi is particularly concerned with identification of human factors that affect the risk profile of any system or operation.